Itineraries and sport

If you love nature, the gulf of Orosei will offer you a lot of possibilities for
hiking, excursions by boat, by motorbike or by horses, canoying, climbing and diving...
You can click on the following icons to gain access to each photo gallery. decided to publish only the pictures of each itineray.
The first reason is that you can easly find the instructions in the appropriate guidebooks (have a look to the "Bibliography" section) ; 
the second reason is that, sometimes, paths are really difficult and the assistance by a local guide is suggested.
Photo galleries availables:

Trekking Trekking Trekking Trekking Excursion by boat Diving
Dal Golgo a Cala Goloritzè

Da Cala Fuili a Cala Luna

Al villaggio nuragico di Tiscali Alla gola di Su Gorroppu Da Cala Gonone a Cala Goloritzé Relitto del cargo armato tedesco KT12
Trekking Trekking        
Selvaggio blu: da Pedra longa a Cala Gonone Supramonte di Oliena: Monte Maccione e Punta Corrasi        
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